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Good governance makes good business.

Our framework of corporate governance facilitates management to make decisions and provides oversight to promote the success of Motability Operations. It ensures we have regard to the interests of our customers, people, suppliers, the Motability Foundation and the society in which we operate.   


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Motability Foundation

The Motability Foundation oversees Motability Operations' delivery of the Scheme and makes sure that the Scheme gives disabled people the best choice, value for money and customer service, and is sustainable for generations to come.


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The Board

The Board sets Motability Operations’ strategy and oversees its implementation by the executive committee. 

Board responsibilities

The Board delegates certain responsibilities to Board Committees:  

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Executive Committee

The Board delegates authority for day-to-day management of Motability Operations Limited to the Executive Committee.  


The Executive Committee is kept informed and updated by the subordinate Governance Committees and the MO Reinsurance Ltd Board, and monthly Executive Committee packs are sent to the Non-Executive Directors for information. The performance and strengths of the Executive Committee are evaluated periodically and individual members’ performance is assessed annually.  


Chair: Andrew Miller, Group Chief Executive. 

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Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is a crucial element of the governance structure and operates under the delegated authority of the Board. The principal role of the Audit Committee is to provide oversight of the financial reporting process, the audit process and Motability Operations’ system of internal controls and compliance with laws and regulations.   

Chair: Ruth Prior, Independent Non-Executive Director.  

Remuneration Committee

Motability Operations has a clear strategic agenda and performance framework, with remuneration structures linked to the delivery of sustainable measures of company performance. The aim is to design a competitive remuneration package that is sufficient to attract and retain individuals with the necessary skills, experience and expertise to run a business of the size and complexity of Motability Operations on a sustainable basis.   

Chair: Neill Thomas, Senior Independent Non-Executive Director.  

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The Committee draws on the expertise of external independent specialists for benchmarking, advice on best practice and to confirm that a well-governed process is applied. In accordance with the Remuneration Policy which states that the remuneration advisers should be reviewed every three years. A review took place in 2020 which resulted in Deloitte being awarded the role. Since March 2020 Deloitte has continued to advise the Committee. 

Nomination Committee

The primary role of a Nomination Committee is to oversee Board recruitment and succession planning, by way of evaluating the leadership needs of the organisation to protect the stability of Motability Operations.   

Chair: Rt. Hon Sir Stephen O’Brien KBE, Chairman.

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