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Our fleet 

We work with manufacturers to give our customers the widest choice of makes and models that suit their needs.

These vehicles are leased to our customers with our full, worry-free package to ensure they’re kept on the road. At the end of the lease, a customer can choose another vehicle and we remarket the vehicles at the best possible price and any profit made is invested into disabled mobility.

A woman smiling and driving a car

Securing customer choice

We have longstanding relationships with vehicle manufacturers so we can offer our customers a wide choice of makes and models at great value. We work closely with them to understand production plans and new vehicle launch cycles so we can build a quarterly price list that reflects the very latest vehicle availability in the marketplace. As 2035 approaches, we're bringing a greater range and choice of electric vehicles onto the Scheme for our customers to choose from. 

A dealer shows a car boot to a man in a wheelchair and man standing behind him
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The latest pricing

Every three months, we renegotiate our prices so we can react quickly to changes in the automotive supply chain and offer the best value from each manufacturer. When we renegotiate Scheme pricing, we factor in cost changes to:  

  • Customer allowance

  • Insurance premiums

  • Service, maintenance and repair budgets

  • Residual values 

This means we can offer the very best prices to our customers.  

Search our current vehicles

We work to provide our customers with a consistently excellent experience to make choosing a vehicle accessible, inclusive and worry-free. We work with dealer groups to ensure showrooms have disability-confident employees available to support customers in finding the most suitable car for their needs, in a comfortable and accessible environment. 

Worry-free mobility

As part of our worry-free package, we work with our dealer partners to deliver servicing, maintenance and repairs on the vehicles throughout the lease period, so our customers can enjoy a seamless leasing experience. 


on average, customers rate their satisfaction with the Scheme as 9.6/10*

9.6 9.6 out of 10 customers rate the Scheme as being "worry-free"*
9.6 on average, customers rate their trust in the Scheme as 9.6/10*

*Ipsos interviewed 600 Motability Scheme customers via telephone between 29th September 2023 – 20th October 2023. 

Getting ready for resale

At the end of the lease, our customers can exchange their vehicle for a brand-new model. Our dealer partner completes a vehicle condition review and based on this, the vehicle is routed directly to sale or to one of our refurbishment sites at Coalville or Corby. 

Across these refurbishment centres, we assess and recondition around 50,000 of the 200,000 vehicles that come back to us every year after being leased on the Scheme. This brings them up to our condition standard and ready for resale through one of our four channels. 

Our owned sales channels

A dealer hands car keys to a woman in a wheelchair, next to her new car


mfldirect: vehicles sold at mfldirect Condition Standard and at a fixed price 

A close-up of a long row of Nissan cars, at a dealership


mfldirectAuction: vehicles that come with complete inspection reports, where dealers can choose to “bid” or “buy now”

A WAV supplier shows a man how to use a ramp, on a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle


Nearly New WAV: Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles that have been refurbished to ‘Nearly New Condition Standard’ and sold for a fixed price

A car dealer handing car keys to a new Motability Scheme customer

Physical auction

Any vehicles identified as having high levels of damage, or more significant mechanical issues and beyond economical repair are routed off-site to be sold at a physical auction site run by third parties.

Every vehicle is sold in the used car market to UK-based dealerships, with a focus on delivering the best returns to the business to continue to support the Scheme.

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Our scale

With annual sales proceeds of over £3bn, we leverage our scale to create a service-led marketplace for used vehicles. We don’t pay shareholder dividends, so 100% of any profit we make is invested in disabled mobility.

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