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Our impact

“What drew me to the Scheme was how it gave me the freedom to suddenly be able to drive. The whole process, from going to the assessment centre, through to ordering a car, was so quick.”


Rob and his wife Jo 

Who are both on the Motability Scheme

What our customers say

Innovate with us

As the mobility sector transforms, we are partnering with innovators to ensure our customers benefit from new developments. 

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This means making sure our customers are leaders in the national transition to electric vehicles, can navigate the smart cities of the future, and have access to the best and latest technology.  

Through our innovation pilots, we help stress test and scale nascent technologies by making them accessible to our customer base. 

If you’d like to partner with us, get in touch:

Partner with us

Responsible business

We are making significant strides to ensure that we are reducing our impact on the environment through a range of actions including using our offices more consciously, supporting our customers to transition to electric and pledging our commitment to clear emission reduction targets.  

We have devised our short-term (next 10 years) Science-Based Targets, to ensure our emissions reductions are targeting a net zero position by 2050. Our targets are being review by SBTi currently and we hope to share them soon.  


Read our Impact Report



We are very proud to have retained a ‘B’ rating following latest submission to the CDP. Achieving a ‘B’ recognises the considerable progress we have already made as a business to ensure that climate-related risks and opportunities are embedded into our strategy.  

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Social and community

We make an impact for our customers and provide them with equitable mobility options. As the largest fleet in the country, we understand that we have a much wider social and environmental influence too.

We know from our research and customer satisfaction surveys the social impact the Motability Scheme has on our customers’ lives. An independent Oxford Economics survey estimated the social benefit of the Scheme to the UK economy to be worth £8.5 billion. Through their lease, our customers' mobility was improved, allowing them better access to employment opportunities and higher wages, resulting in improved wellbeing.

Find out more about our social impact:

Economic Impact of the Motability Scheme 2021 - Oxford Economics

Business structure

There have been, and continue to be, unprecedented challenges for our industry and for our customers.

Our business model is designed to withstand external shocks, such as inflationary impact or automotive industry disruption, which means we are operationally and financially resilient and can shield our customers from risk.   

Grandparents hug their two grandchildren, a boy and a girl

The money we make doesn’t go to shareholders. It is used to keep prices affordable for our customers, provide donations to Motability Foundation, or it can be returned directly to our customers.  

Further detail on our model can be found here:

Solutions to EV 

With the largest fleet in the UK, we have an opportunity and responsibility to be a leader in the national shift to electric vehicles, fulfilling the government’s net zero commitment.

To do this, we have to innovate to make every part of that shift - from the vehicles themselves, to the buying process, charging infrastructure and electricity they run on - accessible, affordable and fit for purpose.  

  1. Promoting education   

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    We believe that education should be the starting point for the EV transition and are working hard to provide the latest information and tools to our customers to help them make the switch.

  2. Partnering with the industry  

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    We work with the industry and innovators and are always looking for more partners in this space, to ensure that the UK’s electric infrastructure is designed with accessibility in mind. 

  3. Opening access to charging  

    A close-up of a charging cable sticking out of an electric car

    41% of our customers tell us they cannot have a home chargepoint fitted and therefore require an alternative charging solution.

    We are working with local authorities to understand how our customers can access electric charging infrastructure and innovate for their benefit. To support our customers in the short term we offer three years’ free access to public charging points, removing monthly subscription fees. 

  4. Creating a practical and sustainable payment method   

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    The current authorisation fee at charging stations is a barrier for many customers so we are piloting more affordable ways for them to charge by partnering with innovators in this space to offer alternative payment solutions.   

We are always thinking ahead to ensure we have a long-term view on what’s coming for the mobility sector, which includes considerations such as autonomous vehicles and smart cities.

We are continually piloting a variety of solutions to find what works for our customers.

Our customers rely on us and it’s important we are here for them now and in the future. So our business has to be sustainable, financially and operationally, into the long term.

- Matthew Hamilton-James, Chief Financial Officer
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