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Responsible business 

Our business model is driven by our purpose: to deliver smart, sustainable solutions that improve our customers’ mobility in a fast-changing world. Ensuring the Scheme can be sustained for our customers is our top priority.   

As a purpose-led business, we aspire to be responsible, both in the short-term and into the future. We're confident that by working in collaboration with our partners, we can have a positive impact that will benefit our customers, people, stakeholders and our planet.

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Delivering Sustainability

We recognise our responsibility as the operator of the largest car fleet in the UK and the need to migrate our customers to electric vehicles. Our customers face additional barriers in this transition which is reflected in our ‘Lean into Green’ strategy to support our customers, partners and manufacturers in their efforts to transition to electric. We are proud to have doubled the size of our electric vehicle fleet in the last year and continue to work with our customers to remove barriers to adoption. 


Solutions to EV


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Our latest annual Impact Report sets out our intentions to continue driving our sustainability agenda forward, bringing in initiatives from across our business to ensure our people and our customers come on the journey with us.  

We are embedding a culture that considers the impact and sustainability of all that we do. We have worked hard to ensure ESG is more than just an agenda item and we are clear on how ESG will help shape our business.  

Our planet  

We're making significant strides to ensure that we are reducing our impact on the environment through a range of actions. These include using our offices more consciously, supporting our customers to transition to EVs and pledging our commitment to clear reduction targets. Were taking a Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rethink approach across our business that contribute to our carbon footprint.  

We've devised our short-term (next 10 years) Science-Based Targets, to ensure our emissions reductions are targeting a net zero position by 2050.   

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8.3m tCO2e quantified our carbon footprint
2x doubled our electric vehicle fleet in FY23
55k zero emissions mobility solutions at the end of FY23

Our people  

It’s important to us that we have a positive impact on our people, customers, partners, stakeholders and the society in which we operate.

Our employees are key to delivering the success of the Scheme and we are proud to be recognised within the Willis Towers Watson high-performing organisations group, with employees scoring our supportive culture at 9.2 out of 10. We are working hard to drive equity, diversity and inclusion across the business, regularly publishing our pay gap report together with disability and ethnicity.    

A woman works on a laptop in an office
1,600+ current employees across our Bristol, Edinburgh, London and Coalville sites
93% of our employees would recommend Motability Operations as a good place to work
500+ different types of role across all sites at Motability Operations

Our principles   

We believe in strong governance to drive change in the way the organisation and Scheme operate. The size and scale of our fleet represent both opportunities and challenges that we are looking to overcome. We recognise that as a large car fleet we must manage our impact through finding innovative solutions, prioritise sustainability outcomes and report against our targets.

A man carrying a child on his back speaks to a woman in a wheelchair, next to a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

Our Impact and Sustainability Committee (ISC), which regularly report to the Executive Committee, is made up of senior representatives from across the business and is overseen by the Chief Financial Officer who has specific responsibility for ESG and sustainability.   

The ISC is supported by a network of Impact and Sustainability Champions that represent all areas of  the business. The Champions provide the voice and views from the organisation as well as leading on initiatives and activities that enhance our approach to reducing our impact and ensuring long-term sustainability.


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