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Our performance

Delivering customer value is underpinned by our commercial operations and our corporate structure.

We don’t pay dividends to our shareholders meaning that the profit we generate is retained to sustain the Motability Scheme and develop our customer proposition.

We aim to run our business in a socially and environmentally responsible manner, balancing the needs of stakeholders whilst always keeping our customers at the heart of decision-making.

Delivering value for money

Central to our purpose is a commitment to provide customers with affordable and appropriate mobility solutions.

We listen to our customers to ensure that we meet their collective and individual needs.  

Affordability is delivered by working effectively with our stakeholders and partners. Our investors understand the value of the Scheme and our approach to operating in a financially sustainable manner. We have longstanding relationships with key partners across the automotive industry which allows us to provide the strong and stable base on which our organisation thrives. 

A man and woman smiling while helping a young girl in a wheelchair

The Scheme has been delivering customer value for over 45 years and we are determined to continue to deliver into the future.

We recognise and embrace the inevitable changes affecting the mobility sector and our customers’ needs.  

We are already investing in the transition to electric vehicles to make it easier and more affordable for our customers to make the switch. We are working with innovation partners to ensure the unique needs of our customers are taken into account. We have committed £300 million over three years to ensure our customers have access to affordable electric vehicles.

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Business update

We are proud of the work we do and our commitment to deliver the Motability Scheme responsibly.   

Reinvesting for our customers

Progressing against our ESG commitments

Financial statements and news   

Long-term planning is central to our financial model​, which is built to support current and future generations of customers.

This stability protects our customers against economic risk and supports the equitable provision of mobility. 

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Our financial strategy prioritises:

  • Maintaining reserves consistent with our conservative capital management policy  
  • Proactive funding strategy to support strong liquidity management at a competitive rate 
  • Maintaining our credit rating(s)  
  • Forging strong partnerships with stakeholders across the value chain   
  • Managing investment and innovation opportunities to best serve our customers  

In the year where we turned 45 and reached a new milestone of 700,000 customers on the Scheme, we have continued to make an impact on disabled people’s lives every day.

Our overriding objective remains sustaining the Motability Scheme. It’s our responsibility to ensure we protect our business so that we can be there for our customers as the automotive industry transitions to electric.”

- Andrew Miller, CEO

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Discover our Corporate Governance and Policies hub for our statutory reporting

Our financial platform and an ethos of operating responsibly underpin our desire to drive positive change and deliver benefits for our customers while consistently reducing our impact on the planet. 

We have built a financially and operationally sustainable business that gives our customers and shareholders confidence in our ability to turn our commitments into actions.”

- Matthew Hamilton-James, CFO 

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